Young Family Home

renovation and interior design

Contemporary living with designer lighting.

For my clients, a young professional couple, I created a contemporary design with light colors and no wasted space. By removing an oversized utility room the living space was large enough to accommodate a custom-made kitchen, and the spare room became a nursery. Entering in the sunny living room, a few design elements stand out and give an elegant touch to this space.

The peculiarity of this project was my clients’ interest in designer lighting present in every room, including the bathroom. One example is the living room floor lamp, taking center stage while complementing the comfy family couch enjoyed by all, cat included.

Modern and cozy.

The custom-made kitchen is compact and efficient, white on white fitting perfectly in the living area. In the super-personalized bathroom, cool black floor tiles create an interesting contrast to the taupe walls. Making the spacious bedroom cozy, I gave a lot of attention to detail with the designer sconce and spotlights for the closet.

Daniela’s Insider tip for this neighborhood: Fiesole

This apartment is just two blocks from the lush rising hill that leads to Fiesole, a charming town with deep historical roots. In the Renaissance, this area was considered far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the city center to be considered a vacation spot! To this day, it still conserves a quiet residential quality.

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