Ciao, Daniela here!

I am an American-born architect, living and working in Florence, Italy, an amazing city I call home.

My Life

In my work, I combine the two worlds I come from – the history and romance of Italy with the demands and standards of homes in the United States. I know that coming from the American housing market to Europe can be a real culture shock. That’s why it makes me happy to guide my clients on the journey to their dream home, from their first tour to unlocking their renovated home.

Born in the US, during high school I followed my roots back to Italy, where I live today with my family and my cat in the cradle of the Renaissance. The combination of tradition and modernity, the Tuscan way of life and cultural significance of this place inspire my work every day.

“In addition to having an immense bredth of technical knowledge, she has an incredible eye for aesthetics and functionality when drafting remodel plans. You will not find a better combo of a skills anywhere else in the city- Daniela is the advocate you need in your corner.”

Michelle A., long-time Florence resident and English teacher  

My Work

Here in Florence I earned a degree in architecture specializing in structural solutions for notified buildings. I lived in Germany for 3 years while studying for my PhD in Engineering from the prestigious technical institute in Braunschweig. During this time, I published several articles for scientific reviews about noninvasive techniques for structural reinforcement.

Since 2008 I have been working independently as an architect. I specialize in the needs of expats, accompanying them through the entire process of buying and renovating real estate. My translation services go beyond my two native languages, English and Italian. I connect my clients to the European land regulatory and administrative bodies and help them understand and bridge the cultural differences, so that they can relax and enjoy the move to their new home.
Since 2010 I have been teaching at the architecture program of the International Studies Institute in Florence, with college and university students from all over the US.

In my work and personal life, I aim to combine the best of both worlds – and look forward to helping expats make a smooth transition to their new Italian home.