Ecofriendly green mini flat

Sustainable interior design for a climate-neutral flat

Mini flat. Maximum sustainability.

This flat for an environmental lawyer combines the highest demands for a modern eco-friendly home and stylish retro design. My client is careful about everything that affects the environment, she lives and loves everything green. This means leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible in both remodeling and interior design. From saving water to recycled furnishings.

To achieve the beloved 70s style I chose the furnishings myself or redesigned them from existing materials. None of the furniture is bought new, they are handpicked from antique markets, like the record player and the TV, or custom-made, like the big mirror in the bathroom.

Interior design and furniture design

The challenge of this project was to fit the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom into a 300 sqft flat. Of course, the interior design also had to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This applies to the finishing of the workspace and lounge as well as to the fully equipped bathroom. The retro tiles provided the opportunity for a playful design – and an extra entry from the leftover tiles.

A highlight of the interior design is the staircase. Since there was no space for a closet in the mini flat, it was integrated into the staircase. For environmental reasons, this could not be built from scratch, but redesigned and rebuilt from existing parts in collaboration with a carpenter’s workshop.

Daniela’s Insider tip for this neighborhood: Piazza delle Cure

In the Piazza delle Cure neighborhood, the flat is a hop and a skip from the newly renovated fresh foods market, open every morning. It is also a short walk from beautiful hills that surround Florence and bring to the nearing town of Fiesole. The neighborhood is full of small shops and little family run restaurants, playgrounds and not too far from the 1920’s soccer stadium!

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